The Biggest Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re a veteran blogger, you remember with fondness all the mistakes you’ve made until you got where you’re at now, professionally speaking, of course. If you’re new to this, you’ve realized that blogging isn’t a piece of cake (tell the haters to eat their hearts out) – it requires a lot of discipline, inspiration

5 Beginner Website Development Resources

1. WordPress WordPress is well known these days. If your new to website development, you can still create a great website in a few hours.  It offers a very user friendly setup with great documentation. You can easily customize it by choosing between thousands of themes and plugins which offer unique features. 2. WordPress Genesis

Best Ecommerce Solution

Welcome back, I hope you had a chance to read the first article on ecommerce: 13 Ecommerce Solution Requirements. In that article I shared my list of requirements for an ecommerce solution and provided in depth reasons you should include them in your list. Now I want to share the solution I use with you. Consider

13 Ecommerce Solution Requirements

A couple of years ago I was looking to replace an in house ecommerce store which was outdated and far to expensive to update. I did extensive research to find a solution with great overall support and features. After a month of searching, reading and testing several ecommerce stores, I finally found a promising ecommerce

Writing with Distractions – Five Tips

Unless you’re a hermit and some of you might be, your likely forced to write with distractions. You might ask yourself what options you have to avoid distractions. You could go to the local coffee shop and maybe find peace and quite. Does the library offer you a writing refuge? Perhaps you hide in an

WordPress Plugin for Novice Writer – The Best!

Whether you’ve just started writing posts/pages on a WordPress driven website or you’ve been writing for several months. You will find the WordPress plugin Pro Writing Aid to be extremely helpful. This WordPress plugin can also help those of you who are excellent writers by increasing the speed of your proof reading by eliminating basic mistakes.

Single Page Websites – Major Flaw

Single page websites are becoming more popular lately. They are great for showcasing photographs, art, and books. You can also make unique personal portfolios to display your background, which might help you find employment. However they are not suitable for every business or personal website. There is at least one major flaw that limits single

The System Was Down

You may have noticed the site was up and down the last 3-5 days. I apologize to those looking to read any of the articles I’ve posted. I also want to apologize to those looking for new articles from me this last week. What Happened? Well my previous host which I moved to last month

A Better Social Media WordPress Plugin

The Issue Awhile back I wrote an article about my search for the best social links WordPress plugin. However a little more than a week ago I noticed my site was loading incredibly slow. I thought perhaps my host was to blame because I had subscribed to a relatively inexpensive plan for space on a