13 Ecommerce Solution Requirements

A couple of years ago I was looking to replace an in house ecommerce store which was outdated and far to expensive to update. I did extensive research to find a solution with great overall support and features. After a month of searching, reading and testing several ecommerce stores, I finally found a promising ecommerce solution. Now I want to share my experiences to help you find the best ecommerce solution for you.

Ecommerce Solution’s Required Features

No matter what ecommerce solution you are looking for, you most likely developed a list of features the solution needs. I too developed a list and I thought it would help if you compared it to your own.

Main Features

1. Sell Anything and Everything (Products, Services, Downloads)

Developing for multiple clients? Supporting one ecommerce platform? The solution I found will allow you to support clients with different needs. Example, one client wants to sell software / plugins while the other sells products that need to be shipped.

2. Solid Store Search

Customers getting lost searching for your products? If so your losing valuable business, anyone doing ecommerce needs a solution with a solid search engine to get customers where they want to be.

3. Extensive Product Customization / Options

Why limit yourself to selling simple products? The solution I found will let you add options to each product, and you can create product variants. This is important because you might have several of the same product with small differences that need different prices, but you don’t want to manage duplicate products.

4. User Friendly Shopping Experience

You want your customers to have the best experience possible when buying from your website. This means you need a solution that will meet their expectations. An experience that is clean and easily understandable. The shopping experience should be simple enough a small child could navigate and add products to the cart.

5. Specials Promotions

What store can survive without providing promotions? If the ecommerce solutions you’ve found don’t offer a solid platform to offer promotions you need to find a new solution.

6. Checkout Options(One Page, Traditional, Fast Lane)

Most online consumers want to be able to find products, add them to their cart and checkout as few clicks possible. Maybe you’re just starting an ecommerce website you want different options for experimentation. You will want those options to find out customers preferences.

7. Customer / Order Management

Do you have customers calling in to change shipping? Perhaps they want to add or remove an item? Then you want an ecommerce store that will allow you to manage orders. This way you can meet your customers needs and push their experience buying from you to a new level.

8. Gift Registry

Want your customers to get their friends purchasing from you? Allowing them to create a gift registry to share with friends in family will help grow your customer base. This can be a great feature for many niche businesses.

9. Customer Reviews

Trying to build trust with your customers? When you have good product reviews from your customers, it helps build the trust of those who are new to your ecommerce store. It encourages your customers to stay in the store longer, which might push them into buying a product.

10. Plugins / Modules

Looking for something specific to your business? Changing merchant providers and need to connect it to your store? Want to add a unique feature? Then you need an ecommerce store with the ability to use plugins / modules created by others. Why should you be trapped by a standard set of features.

11. Solid Support

A good ecommerce store needs excellent support, both official and a 3rd party based. Otherwise you might find yourself waiting for an answer to a problem for a long time. What if you want something custom, you will likely need official support to help customize the ecommerce solution to meet your needs.

12. Simple Themes / Customization

Looking for a clean and simple theme to build your ecommerce store? Then you should find a solution with free options and the ability to buy new themes, both official and from 3rd parties. Once you have a theme which meets most of your requirements you will most likely want to make small changes. You will want an ecommerce store that allows you to edit the themes easily.

13. Affordable

If your looking for an ecommerce store and not building a customer solution you are likely a small to medium sized business. This means you have budget and need an ecommerce solution that will fit in your budget and still allow for fine tuning.

These were the requirements I kept in mind when looking for an ecommerce solution. Is your feature list similar? Are you still looking for a solid ecommerce store? Don’t worry your task is not hopeless, the solution I found meets these requirements and much more.

Want to know more? Join me Dec 12th as we explore my ecommerce solution experience further.

It’s definitely the solution you’ve been searching to find!

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