Month: October 2012

Writing with Distractions – Five Tips

Unless you’re a hermit and some of you might be, your likely forced to write with distractions. You might ask yourself what options you have to avoid distractions. You could go to the local coffee shop and maybe find peace and quite. Does the library offer you a writing refuge? Perhaps you hide in an

WordPress Plugin for Novice Writer – The Best!

Whether you’ve just started writing posts/pages on a WordPress driven website or you’ve been writing for several months. You will find the WordPress plugin Pro Writing Aid to be extremely helpful. This WordPress plugin can also help those of you who are excellent writers by increasing the speed of your proof reading by eliminating basic mistakes.

Single Page Websites – Major Flaw

Single page websites are becoming more popular lately. They are great for showcasing photographs, art, and books. You can also make unique personal portfolios to display your background, which might help you find employment. However they are not suitable for every business or personal website. There is at least one major flaw that limits single