5 Beginner Website Development Resources

1. WordPress

WordPress is well known these days. If your new to website development, you can still create a great website in a few hours.  It offers a very user friendly setup with great documentation. You can easily customize it by choosing between thousands of themes and plugins which offer unique features.

2. WordPress Genesis Framework

The Genesis Framework is perfect for those starting to learn WordPress web development. This framework offers great security, with a large catalog of unique and high quality themes to start. It offers built in SEO functionality without adding extra plugins. There are several useful plugins the Genesis Framework and themes will work specifically together. If your looking to customize the theme you choose, this framework allows you to mold custom functions around WordPress with relative ease using the themes function.php file. The creators offer great support and tutorials to help get you started. You can communicate with a large and active community on their new forum.

3. WordPress Plugin Directory / Code Canyon

Projects take time and money, when your short on one or both you need to find a solution that will work or can be made to work easily. If you want your website to have a slideshow or a unique portfolio display, plugins can be the answer. In most cases you can find a plugin that will do what you want because someone else needed it for one of their projects. Plugins can be the solution to save you time and money. The WordPress Plugin Directory offers thousands of free plugins that are open source and easily customized. If your trying to find something more refined or special, you can try Code Canyon where developers have spent time putting together a plugin they think is worth selling for a small price.

4. Safari Books Online

After college this was the best place for me to find quick and up to date information for new web development projects. They offer thousands of technical books for business, development, and engineering to name a few categories. You can sign up for a free trial and switch to a five book shelf for $9.99 a month. This will allow you to checkout five new books to read online or on a mobile device every month. So if you plan on reading more then one book for web development or to learn web design basics, I suggest signing up for Safari Books Online.

5. Hosting

Virpus is where Tech Squawkers is hosted. They offer virtual servers at a great price, which allows me to setup the server how I want it to run. This way I can optimize it for quick loading and extra security. I recommend you research different hosts to find the right one for you. Many hosts exist, like WordPress, BlueHost, GoDaddy, DailyRazor, etc just to name a few.  The makers of the Genesis Framework offer hosting called Synthesis which is built and optimized just to run WordPress websites.

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