A Better Social Media WordPress Plugin

The Issue

Awhile back I wrote an article about my search for the best social links WordPress plugin. However a little more than a week ago I noticed my site was loading incredibly slow. I thought perhaps my host was to blame because I had subscribed to a relatively inexpensive plan for space on a shared server. So I decided to move to a different host, Cloud Web which uses AppLogic. Simply put if one physical machine fails another should be able to take over without any real downtime. I quickly moved the site over to the new host and it was still loading horribly slow. I had to dig deeper and found that disabling Wp Socializer fixed the issue. Apparently loading the Social icons with their counters was causing  a very long delay. I still wanted the 3 main social icons to display with their counters, but I certainly didn’t want the site to take over ten seconds to load so I left Wp Socializer disabled.

Stumbled Upon

I was recently looking for new resources to help spring forth ideas that would help me create new informative articles to share with all of you who come and visit Tech Squawkers. While looking I stumbled upon a very unique piece of javascript called Socialite.  Socialite loads social media buttons on demand. It allows you to pick what user action will load them(click, hover, scrolling). This allows the page to load first and then the buttons to load at a later time or on demand. At this point I figured my problems where solved I just needed to find a WordPress plugin that makes use of the script. Thankfully someone had one setup and ready for download.

The Plugin


WPSocialite is the name of the plugin. The settings are located under Settings->Discussions after the Comment Blacklist text box. They are rather simple. First you pick if the social media buttons will load on hover or when the user scrolls. Next you can type in what class the social media buttons should load under. Then you get two style options Large or Small. Large displays the social media buttons with their counters. Where as small only shows the buttons. The final option gives you the choice to show the buttons at the beginning of the element or at the end of the element that has the classes you specified earlier.

Final Thoughts

Always be careful with the WordPress plugins you choose to activate. You might end up with one that causes your site to slow down or worse yet one that could steal your visitors information. If you don’t know anything about coding, you can always do a quick Google search. That way you can see what others are saying about each plugin you are thinking about activating. I hope find WPSocialite to be useful. Please let me know in the comments if you need any help or have any questions. I will do my best to help.

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