Hire Me

Professional Tester / Debugger

Do you write plugins or develop web applications? Do you need help solving errors quickly? Then you’re in the right place. I’ve spent the last 8 years creating custom web applications and plugins, through which I’ve gained valuable development experience. I continue to use and hone my knowledge developing new plugins and fixing old plugins and web applications. I also put effort into helping and teaching others with freelance writing. If you are in interesting in my services, please contact me for further assistance.

Freelance Writing

Perhaps you need extra contributions to your blog, I can help by writing articles for you and promote them across main stream social networks. I can even share them with my readers when appropriate. My main expertise is certainly web development, but I am willing to research the topics important to you so that I can provide you with in-depth articles. I have a passion for writing and sharing information with others. I have experience writing reviews, tutorials, and features across varying topics.