Single Page Websites – Major Flaw

Single page websites are becoming more popular lately. They are great for showcasing photographs, art, and books. You can also make unique personal portfolios to display your background, which might help you find employment. However they are not suitable for every business or personal website. There is at least one major flaw that limits single page websites from encompassing a greater market share. That flaw being search engine optimization.

SEO is it Important to You?

It depends greatly on what you wish to accomplish with your website. Do you just want to showcase some photographs in a simple but interesting manner? Does your website have hundreds of products you want to sell? Do you want people to be able to find information about your business and services using search engines? Do you want a unique way to display the projects you’ve worked on? Those are just a few questions you should ask yourself.

Single Page Websites Lack SEO!

Google as well as other search engines tend to rank sites based on quality of content and quantity.  Single page website offer search engines very little to rank compared to a multi-page website. Sure each section on your single page website might have quality content and you might have quite a number of sections. However search will tend to only consider all the sections as one page. You won’t be able to give those sections page titles or keywords to rank for. This in turn limits how your website will show up when people search various phrases.


Decide what you want to do with your website. If you plan on showcasing one idea or product, single page websites could be the best thing for you. They can provide you a lot of freedom for presenting something unique. However if you intend to discuss or showcase several ideas and products, chances are you want to setup a standard multi-page site. One where you can define unique page titles and keywords for each page.

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