Splashtop 2 Streamer – Satellite Issue – Resolved

Finding a solution to the Splashtop 2 streamer satellite issue will most likely take a few tests to eliminate possible causes. The following fix probably won’t fit everyone who’s having the satellite issue. However it might help jump start a few ideas to help you troubleshoot your own problem.


The original issue was located on a home network. The HP Touchpad running Android 4.0, and a laptop running Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit were the two devices that were having communication issues. The first place to go for any troubleshooting is the parent company’s support area. There in the support section a post was found describing a possible solution that required a new rule be added to Window’s Firewall. However after following those steps the Splashtop 2 issue was not resolved. The only other option was to try turning off Window’s Firewall. That still did not resolve the issue. Next up was the removal of all software that had any potential to interfere. Once that was complete the connections were refreshed without and positive results. Moving forward with the elimination, both devices where given static IP’s which did not resolve the problem. A new thought occurred the next day to try connecting to a work computer while on work’s network using Splashtop 2. That connection was successful and eliminated the possibility that it was the HP Touchpad. The only two variables left were the laptop at home and the router. Since the laptop was mostly purged in the first round it was decided that the router would be the better option to try next. The router is a Linksys WRT54G running DD-WRT. DD-WRT is a great alternative to the standard linksys firmware and allows for greater control via the advanced options. However some of the options may not play nice with everyday software for various reasons. The quickest way to find if its a problem is to reset the router and slowly customize the settings back to the way they were. After the reset Splashtop 2 refreshed and connected properly to the laptop.

Splashtop 2 Solution

The router turned out to be the cause and the solution required each custom setting be updated one by one to find out which was the actual cause. Turned out to be an option labeled “AP Isolation”, it isolates wireless clients from each other. Originally this option was activated to prevent unauthorized wireless connections from accessing other computers on the network. Sadly that means this security feature has to be left off. On a more happy note it means that Splashtop 2 streamer is working locally and allows for nearly instant communication between the devices.

Note to Gamers

Are you looking to game using a tablet connected to your local computer? You might want to wait a little bit. The bluetooth mouse functionality is less then refined. Currently in games Splashtop 2 just overlays a mouse pointer and sends position data to your local computer rather then directly emulating a hardware mouse on the computer. This means that in any game where the mouse controls your view like an FPS, you will need to recenter your mouse on the tablet screen or it will continue to move your view in one direction. This gives the appearance that there is latency. Those of you who have computers with ATI cards will be unable to use fullscreen. Apparently Splashtop’s parent company has not received any support from ATI.

Need Help?

If you would like some help or need further ideas to resolve your satellite issue with Splashtop 2 streamer, feel free to post in the comments section below. I will be happy to read through them and try to provide a helpful and constructive response.

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