The Biggest Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re a veteran blogger, you remember with fondness all the mistakes you’ve made until you got where you’re at now, professionally speaking, of course. If you’re new to this, you’ve realized that blogging isn’t a piece of cake (tell the haters to eat their hearts out) – it requires a lot of discipline, inspiration and determination.

We know how difficult it is to make it in this business, so we figured that you could use a little guidance in respect with the things you must not do when your objective is to become the best blogger in town.

Stay Away From:

  1. Unoriginal Content 

Stealing other blog posts is the arch enemy of any given blog, regardless of niche. You’re not doing yourself any favors by taking heavy inspiration from what’s already been done.

Here’s the inside scoop that you’re most definitely not ready for: when you can’t come up with original blogging ideas, chances are that you don’t love what you’re doing and that’s a slippery slope.

The bloggers who feel this constant compulsion to copy what’s trendy are the ones who fail at blogging, and they fail big time. Write about something you love and you’ll always find a way to be original.

  1. Posting Hasty Articles/Blog Posts

Blog posts and articles should go through 2 phases: the draft phase and the tidying phase. Never post a piece of writing unless you looked at it twice or even thrice, if necessary. Make a draft and tidy it up – remove unnecessary words, repetitions, adjust the length of the sentences, check for grammatical errors, etc.

  1. Thinking You Can Do It All By Your Own

Ask your closest friends to share their opinions on what you’ve written. Bloggers – especially when in their prime – are not infallible. You should get different opinions for yet another reason: when you proofread an article/blog post multiple times, your eyes get tired.

Consequently, it might still have some errors in it simply because your brain is too exhausted to point them out. This is why it’s crucial to have somebody look at what you’re about to post, for example trustmypaper professional editors.

  1. Overlooking Keywords 

SEO is king in all matters that pertain to blogging. If you write articles that have no clean-cut keywords in them, you’re writing in vain. You won’t be converting any people at all, not to mention that you won’t be getting traffic.

Readers are hungry for keywords. The first word they type in Google or whatever search engine they’re using is a keyword. The Internet is in itself a huge sea of keywords. Start inserting good keywords in your posts and you’ll see what difference they make instantaneously.


Nobody ever said that blogging is something people excel at as quickly as they start doing it. It will take years of practice for you to become a professional. However, by using these tips, you might shorten that stretch of time exponentially.

Hopefully, you’ve found this brief list handy and you’re leaving with a newly-found perspective from our website.




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