The System Was Down

You may have noticed the site was up and down the last 3-5 days. I apologize to those looking to read any of the articles I’ve posted. I also want to apologize to those looking for new articles from me this last week.

What Happened?

Well my previous host which I moved to last month was having server trouble. They pinned it on me saying that Cloudflare was flooding their server via my domain and that I needed to change my DNS Name Servers. That to me suggests they didn’t have their server setup to handle Cloudflare’s extra header information to get the real IP’s. Anyway I promptly disabled Cloudflare and gave them this article which explains how to fix their logs and get the real IP that was causing problems. They never got back to me, so I started looking for a new host. I ended up picking A2 Hosting and VPS. I decided to pick the Basic Option and upgraded to 1gb of ram. Which ended up being $6  more then what I was paying for at the last host.

The Upside!

The site should load and respond incredibly fast. Why?

  1. Tech Squawkers no longer shares server resources
  2. Installed LEMP over LAMP
  3. Setup caching (W3 Total Cache+APC)
  4. Setup a cookie-less domain to sever static content using Varnish
  5. Made sure Nginx Real IP module was installed to fix Cloudflare IP’s in the logs.
  6. Enabled Cloudflare for security and added CDN caching

The Downside!

  1. 3-5 days Downtime
  2. Lack of Control Panel(cPanel, Plesk)
  3. Higher Cost
  4. Unknown Bugs
  5. Time Lost

The Future!

The current setup should easily allow for future growth of content and traffic. It will also allow Tech Squawkers to stay current with future updates. This means a more stable place to find interesting niche articles to help you progressively make your website better and explore the different options that are available in the vast digital oceans. I hope to get back on schedule with articles this week. If you looked at my twitter feed, you will know the next article is about Single Page websites and if they have a major flaw that prevents them from becoming main stream. After that the plan is to write a couple articles about setting up this VPS. Those of you looking to switch to Nginx from Apache may find it worth reading. I might even write about setting up Postfix and Dovecot and how to create virtual email accounts.

If you have future post ideas please share them in the comments below. I’m always looking for interesting topics to write about. I’m happy to share my experiences but most of all I want to help all of you make the web a bit more interesting.

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