Howdy, I’m Toby. I’m 24 year old guy who’s lived in a small town located in Minnesota all my life. I’m pushing to expand my understanding of web development, my reach as a professional blogger, and to forge ahead as a freelance writer. I professionally create web applications, WordPress plugins, and provide server administration.

I love sharing knowledge with others and providing them with new and interesting ideas. I hope the information I provide will help make your dreams in web development and business a reality. Hopefully as I become more established in blogging circles I’ll be able to expand into new areas.

About Tech Squawkers

This website started out as a hobby and turned into voice to share information to help others who want to excel at web development, blogging, and business.

I forward my knowledge by sharing, in detail, my experiences and stories with all of you. I have succeeded and had a great number of failings through my 8 years of web development. Hopefully with Tech Squawkers I can provide you with informative directions as you make your own journey through web development, blogging and business.

I believe anyone can learn new things or better their understanding of something important. I wish all of you the best and hope you can glean useful tips and information from Tech Squawkers.