WordPress Plugin for Novice Writer – The Best!

Whether you’ve just started writing posts/pages on a WordPress driven website or you’ve been writing for several months. You will find the WordPress plugin Pro Writing Aid to be extremely helpful. This WordPress plugin can also help those of you who are excellent writers by increasing the speed of your proof reading by eliminating basic mistakes.

How this WordPress Plugin Helps

  • Finds Overuse (Words and Constructs)
  • Checks Consistency (Hyphenation, Capitalisation and Spelling)
  • Displays Sentence Length
  • Finds Redundant or Cliche Sentences
  • Notes Repeated Words or Phrases
  • Highlights Diction Problems

Installation & Activation

Installs like any basic WordPress plugin. Simply download Pro Writing Aid either via Plugins->Add New from the WordPress Admin menu. Otherwise you can manually download Pro Writing Aid from WordPress and upload the plugin to your WordPress plugin folder. Then on the Plugins page activate the plugin. Once activated a small Icon will show in the visual editor bar.

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